Thursday, 26 March 2015

Not Dogs: The Sausage Story!

Not Dogs was created by Katie & Jane; one meat-eater and one vegetarian, both with a love of quick, very tasty & simple food. Whilst at festivals, gigs and outdoor events they struggled to find mouth-watering veggie food and trustworthy meaty meals that satisfied that 'fast food' need after a long day so they decided to create their own food truck Not Dogs!

The aim of Not Dogs is to provide food lovers, both carnivores and veggies, with a delicious, fun, quality menu to excite and amaze. Choose from Plain Jane, Kickin' Katie Nacho Dog (see what they did there!), The Original Frank, Hello Houmous and newcomer Top o' the Mornin' Dog.

Not Dogs is taking up it's first pop-up residency at The Moveable Feast on St.Thomas Street in London Bridge, London before the little purple truck gets back on the road heading to festivals up and down the UK.

Keep up-to-date on the website:

Eat. Sleep. Not Dogs

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