Thursday, 30 July 2015

Google to Build a Meat-Free World! Is Not Dogs Next!?

It's been reported that search giant Google tried to buy American vegetarian burger startup 'Impossible Foods' for $300million although the veggie company turned the offer down.

Impossible Foods make meat and cheese alternatives from plants and the burger is the company’s first product which is set to hit the market next year. Find out more about the interesting vegetarian burger here. The company is trying to develop sustainable, healthier and more cruelty-free food, echoing our principles here at Not Dogs.

Not Dogs

Obviously we're a little biased but we can't get enough of Quorn which make their products (and our Not Dogs!) from Mycoprotein - a healthy meat-free protein source that has the taste, appearance and texture of meat but is low in saturated fat and high in fibre.

Our mission is very similar to Quorn's - to help consumers enjoy eating less meat in a fun, tasty and unique way while supporting the ethical, health and environmental benefits of a meat-free diet.

Meat-free Businesses

It's very nice to have associated aims with major brands such as Quorn and Google. Google's secret projects 'X Lab' which is reported to have made the bid for Impossible Foods is headed up by Sergey Brin who summed up his interest in meat alternatives by saying:  'There are basically three things that can happen going forward - one is that we can all become vegetarian. I don't think that's really likely. The second is we ignore the issues and that leads to continued environmental harm and the third option is we do something new'.

This time last year entrepreneur Richard Branson found it 'surprisingly easy' to give up beef in a bid to become healthier and help to reduce the impact of deforestation for cattle farming on the environment. We hope Not Dogs make it easier for vegetarians to enjoy fast-food and help meat-eaters reduce their meat consumption with our 'Meaty Dogs Without the Meat'!

Richard Branson

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