Monday, 26 October 2015

Summer Sausage Selfies!

Summer is well and truly over (boo!) but we're enjoying colder days where we get stuck into preparing exciting Not Dogs recipes in the kitchen so the lack of sun and festival-fever isn't all bad!

To bring a little summer to the blog in Autumn we thought we'd look back at some of the best
#SausageSelfie pictures taken on our festival tour 2015... there's still many more we haven't published yet so keep checking across social media to see when your #SausageSelfie makes an appearance!

Eat. Sleep. Not Dogs

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Not Dogs in the Kitchen!

There's nothing more we love than spending a day developing new menu items and trying out Quorn's new offerings and last week we did just that!

We're looking to expand our Not Dogs range in the near future and we have our second stint at the Oxford Christmas Market coming up soon so we wanted to try out some new ideas... some worked, some did not! It's all a bit 'hush-hush' but we wanted to share some photos with you...

It all begins with a planning session followed by one big shop, scooting around looking for interesting ingredients to buy along with a few old favourites

Then it's into the kitchen with a lot of chopping, dicing, frying, mixing and baking!

Often there are times when we imagine a recipe is going to be simply amazing but in reality we don't love it as much as some other ideas. A rule of thumb is if we can't stop thinking about something once we've cooked it, it's one for the menu like our Not Dog recipes that are currently on our menu

One thing we have to remind ourselves is to eat small portions but once we've created something that tastes so good we don't want to stop!

Eat. Sleep. Not Dogs

Monday, 5 October 2015

Not Dogs Sausage Showcase: The Cha-Cha Chilli Dog!

We were inspired to create our ‘meatiest’ dog yet for a series of Freshers' Weeks at universities last year. We wanted to offer students something warming and satisfying as the Autumn months got colder - all using Quorn of course!

Quorn Bratwurst topped with Vegetarian Chilli-Con-Carne, Crushed Nachos and Chilli Flakes

Vegetarian Chilli

The Cha Chilli Dog is made up of our famous Not Dog, topped with home-made chilli con-carne (made from Quorn mince) crispy nachos and finished off with a sprinkle of chilli flakes, perfect for this time of the year!

With this menu favourite, we double our use of Quorn which actually make it a very meaty Not Dog, popular with our meat-eating fans, but still completely 100% vegetarian too!

Why ‘Cha-Cha Chilli’ you may ask? Well that’s because it’s so tasty it dances all over your mouth!

Eat. Sleep. Not Dogs