Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Not Dogs Needs You!

We know, we’ve been chatting about it for a while now…the Not Dogs restaurant is on its way, and we are looking for a passionate team of people to join our Crew!

Not Dogs is known for putting its customers first and delivering exciting, unique vegetarian fast-food and we are looking for people who effortlessly want to create positive associations with the Not Dogs brand and genuinely want to brighten up a customer’s day.

We are on a mission to make fast-food meat-free and we hope with every step we take to help people access Not Dogs on a regular basis we will achieve our dream of Not Dogs going global!

But ‘Big Things Often Have Small Beginnings’ and we plan to celebrate every tiny victory that our crew help us to achieve on our Not Dogs journey.

In 2014 we sold our first Not Dog and we spent two years travelling around the UK in a little purple zig-zagged food truck perfecting our product and meeting Not Dogs fans, taking hundreds of #SausageSelfie pictures.

Now our crew will join us at our greatest moment to date, the first of many Not Dogs restaurants!

If this sounds exciting to you then we'd really like you to get in touch & send us your C.V.

Email smile@katieandjane.com and we’ll send you all the application details!

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Monday, 15 August 2016

Sausage Showcase on Hello Houmous

Who would have thought that houmous would be delicious on a Not Dog!? Not us… until we tried it and loved it!

Hello Houmous

Hello Houmous is our Not Dog for the refined palate, although who doesn’t love houmous anyway!? Our simple houmous recipe is perfectly complimented with tasty, freshly roasted red peppers and smoked paprika.

No wonder it’s a favourite of many of our Not Dogs fans - and secretly us too!

Not Dogs

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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Not Dogs: Ooh Sauce-y! Why we love Heinz & French’s

What would our Not Dogs menu be without the addition of tomato ketchup & tangy mustard?!

French's and Heinz

Katie & Jane always knew that having grown up on ‘tomato sauce’ there was absolutely no substitute for us and our Not Dogs fans – nothing else quite touches the legend that is Heinz Tomato Ketchup, a staple in everyone’s food cupboard and the saucy sweetness that you’ll find in The Original Frank, Breakfast Muffin and our perfect Plain Jane.

But what about its partner in crime? Nothing but French’s quite cuts the mustard for us! Tangy sauciness that you’ll find in The Original Frank, Plain Jane, and any concoction Kickin’ Katie can create for herself.

French's and Heinz

We simply love these sauces & how they look creatively zig-zagged and swirled all over our menu items!

French's and Heinz

These premium quality products aren’t going anywhere when we open our restaurant in the next few months, we hope to ‘ketchup’ with all soon!

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Not Dogs: Back in the Kitchen!

The first Not Dogs restaurant opening is quick approaching and, of course, part of the excitement is designing the new menu to feed hungry Not Dog lovers! We got straight into the kitchen to experiment with some new toppings, the Quorn vegan range and our very first Not Dogs burger!

Katie and Jane

Starting with breakfasts… a ‘Bali Breakfast’ one-bomb topped with superfood avocado, perfect for when you’re a bit peckish but fancy something light and then The Breakfast Muffin which is just delicious and moreish at all times of the day!

Bali Breakfast Dog

The Breakfast Muffin

There’s some strange going-ons in the Not Dogs kitchen… we even tested the perfect ketchup swirl so every bite is as tasty as the last!


Excited to bring you some new Not Dogs to the menu, will the Jamaican Me Crazy Dog make the cut!? With all that tangy, spicy, fresh goodness we hope it does!


Should have done the burger tasting first… or saving the best until last! We managed to get through 10 different types of burger recipe, and despite being very full we ate every last bit! That’s how good the first Not Dogs burger is!


We cannot wait to launch the menu in the restaurant very soon!

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Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Hello Summer! Sausage Showcase: The Bali Breakfast Dog

Inspired by our travels to Bali, this Breakfast Dog is truly special, in fact it has been crowned a ‘favourite’ by our testing panel already and it hasn’t even made the main stream menu yet!

We are so excited to bring you the Bali Breakfast Dog, a fresh, zingy and satisfying mini Not Dog, designed to put a little sunshine in your step and set you up for the day!

Celebrating the amazing avocado, with of course a very subtle kick of mild chilli (for Kickin’ Katie) the Bali Breakfast Dog will be available all day in the Not Dogs restaurant – coming soon!

Not Dog topped with our secret smashed avocado recipe, scrambled egg, crumbled feta cheese and a small sprinkle of chilli flakes

Katie & Jane

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Monday, 11 July 2016

Sausage Showcase on the Hello Houmous

Just like one should never say who their favourite child is, or in our case, favourite pet… we feel we should never favour one of our Not Dog creations over another but secretly (or not so now) Hello Houmous has a massive place in our hearts!


It could be because it’s just so surprising that houmous goes perfectly on a Not Dog, or it could be because we spent so long debating whether it was ‘houmous’ or ‘hummus’ but the summery Hello Houmous is certainly here to stay!

Hello Houmous

Topped with houmous, roasted red peppers and finished with smoked paprika
Sausage Selfie

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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Celebrating the #SausageSelfie at Not Dogs!

Last week we marked our 2nd birthday at Not Dogs, which also means that our signature tagline the #sausageselfie is also the grand old age of 2!

We created the idea of the #sausageselfie together one afternoon in the run up to our very first festival and neither of us could have imagined how much people would love posing for a ‘selfie’ with their Not Dog back then!

Since then we’ve collected hundreds of bright, colourful, fun and wonderful ones and been so happy to see people sharing their #sausageselfie photos from our social media channels with their friends when they get home.

So in celebration of the #sausageselfie today let’s take a look at some of our favourite ones!

Eat. Sleep. Not Dogs

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Happy Birthday to Us! Win Not Dogs for Life!

Not Dogs is celebrating its second birthday and as a thank you for being such awesome fans we'd like to give three people the chance to win Not Dogs... for life!

Enter on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for you chance to win a Not Dog a day for the rest of your days!

Good luck!

Hotdog card

Eat. Sleep. Not Dogs

Not Dogs For Life Birthday Competition Terms & Conditions
The Not Dogs For Life Competition is open to all UK and Ireland residents. To apply you must be aged 16 and over.
No purchase necessary. Simply enter the competition in accordance with instructions on the Not Dogs Twitter & Instagram accounts:
The birthday competition will run from Wednesday 29 June 2016 from 09.00 until 09.00 on Thursday 30 June 2016.
Only correct entries completed on Twitter and Instagram will be valid. Any application containing incorrect or incomplete information will be invalid and will not be considered.
1 x winner from Instagram and 1 x winner from Twitter will be selected at random from all valid entries and will be announced on Thursday 30 June 2016.
The decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Winners will be sent out in the post (provided the winners have given correct postal addresses) in July 2016.
Voucher must be used in conjunction with valid form of ID to claim a free Not Dog. The voucher will not be accepted if used by anyone other than the winner. The winner may claim one free Not Dog per day from Friday 30 July 2016 and for the rest of his/her life when claimed with a valid form of ID and approved by Not Dogs.
Free Not Dogs must be claimed by the winner in person at an event attended by Not Dogs, and cannot be used online or by phone order.
1 x Free Not Dogs for Life voucher will be sent by 31 July 2016 to each winner providing winners have sent their postal addresses to the team by 20 July 2016.
By entering the competition you grant permission for Not Dogs to use any photographs and/or videos submitted of you in print and/or online, this includes for any marketing activities after the competition has ended and in future activity.
Not Dogs reserves the right to publicise the name for each of the winners.
In the event of any prize not being available for whatever reason, Not Dogs may offer an alternative prize of equal or greater value and quality.
Any prizes unclaimed after reasonable efforts from Not Dogs to contact the winner will be distributed at the company’s discretion. Not Dogs does not accept any responsibility for late or lost entries due to online issues and Not Dogs is not liable for lost prizes.
Not Dogs reserves the right to cancel the promotion at any stage, if deemed necessary in their opinion, and if circumstances arise outside of their control.
Not Dogs reserves the right to withdraw any winner through a fraudulent claim. Upon there being no entries, there will be no winner.
Your personal data will be treated in confidence and will not be disclosed to any third party for marketing purpose unless agreed.

Monday, 27 June 2016

Jamaican-Me-Crazy Not Dog Recipe

This lively Not Dog with jalapeños, crispy lettuce, mango mayonnaise and jerk sauce, will awaken your taste buds and bring a touch of the Jamaican sunshine to your BBQ! 
Ingredients (serves 4)
4 Quorn Hot Dogs
4 hot dog buns
Sliced pickled green jalapeños
4 Iceberg lettuce leaves, shredded
Mango Mayonnaise:
1/2 ripe mango, flesh finely chopped
1/2 lime, juice and zest
75g mayonnaise
Jerk Sauce*:
2 spring onions, chopped
1 tsp fresh ginger, grated
1/4 white onion, chopped
1 garlic clove
1 scotch bonnet chilli, deseeded if you’d like less heat!
Pinch dried thyme
1/2 lime, juice
1/2 tbsp soy sauce
1/2 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tbsp brown sugar
1 tsp ground allspice
Pinch of salt
* There’s some great pre-made jerk sauces available if you don’t fancy making the sauce at home, but, it’ll be worth it!

  1. Put the mayonnaise, chopped mango and lime juice and zest in a bowl. Mix together vigorously and put in the fridge to chill
  2. Pop all the ingredients for the jerk sauce in a food processor and blend into a paste, adding cold water a tablespoon at a time to create the desired consistency. Put to the side while you prepare the hot dogs
  3. Cook the Quorn Hot Dogs as per the packet instructions. Meanwhile, get all your prepared ingredients (jalapeños, lettuce, mango mayo and jerk sauce) ready for topping
  4. Once the Hot Dogs are cooked, put one into each bun. Now it’s time to assemble your Not Dogs... 
  • First, spoon on the jerk sauce, covering each Hot Dog evenly
  • Sprinkle on the lettuce on each
  • Next, put on the mango mayonnaise (if you have a plastic squeezy bottle use that!)
  • Finally, top each Not Dog with 4 slices of jalapeño 


Eat. Sleep. Not Dogs

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Not Dogs Recipe Inspiration

Our recipe inspiration for Not Dogs comes from all around us, let's go on a little journey starting close to home with the...

Kickin' Katie Nacho Dog
Of course, this Not Dog is named after co-founder Katie and was created to represent her love for spice! The pickled jalapeños on top of the cool guacamole, creamy cheddar and crunchy nachos are her favourite part!

Not Dogs

Bali Breakfast Dog
Whilst on holiday in Bali, on a tiny island called Gili Trawangan, we had a simple, delicious, fresh breakfast of toasted sourdough bread topped with a freshly mixed avocado salsa and feta. We knew instantly this mix of ingredients would go perfectly on a Not Dog and they did! With a touch of chilli flakes of course!

Gili Trawangan

Waffle Fries
Standard chips just weren't going to cut it for us so we went on the hunt for something a bit special and came up with our lightly seasoned Waffle Fries - a little homage to the Japanese recipe of Furi Furi Fries.

Waffle Fries

We love to hear your recipe ideas as creating new menu items is one of our favourite things to do so please do get in touch across our social media channels at the end of this blog post!

Eat. Sleep. Not Dogs

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Behind The Scenes with Jean-Christophe Novelli for World Meat Free Day!

There was much excitement at Not Dogs last weekend as we embarked upon St Pancras International Station with 5 out of 5 Rosette and Michelin award winning chef Jean-Christophe Novelli who was enlisted with the Not Dogs crew to serve up Not Dogs in celebration of World Meat Free Day which took place on June 13th. 

Football fans, families and travellers stopped to try a Not Dog, with The Original Frank being a firm favourite among everyone!

Jean-Christophe is opening a new restaurant in Manchester this September, and we wish him the best of luck, we can’t wait to visit! And, in turn, look forward to him coming to see us in the first Not Dogs restaurant! www.jeanchristophenovelli.com

For more information on World Meat Free day head to www.worldmeatfreeday.com

Don't forget to follow us on Snapchat to keep up to date with all our adventures: Not_Dogs

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Monday, 6 June 2016

World Meat Free Day is Nearly Here!

Do you want to help change the world with just ‘one small step for our planet’? Of course you do!

At Not Dogs, we’re proud to be supporting World Meat Free Day, which is taking place on the 13th June 2016, which aims to raise awareness of the impact meat production has on the world and our health, and as such encourages people to go meat free for just this one day to see the impact that can be made.

We've got some very exciting things going on at Not Dogs on World Meat Free Day so stay tuned across our social media channels for that!

Not Dogs

So, what are the stats? Well, if just one person went meat free on the 13th June 2016, this is the impact they could have:
Save the equivalent daily water usage of 9 people
Carbon saving equivalent to boiling a kettle 388 times
A fat saving of 11g, that’s 2 teaspoons of butter!
Save up to 90 calories, the equivalent to 2 Jaffa Cakes 

To find out more about World Meat Free Day, and some inspiring recipes and check out the sustainability calculator and join in, go to www.worldmeatfreeday.com 

Don’t forget to tell all your friends and family and encourage them to join in. 

Eat. Sleep. Not Dogs

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Not Dogs Summer ‘Sausage Showcase’ - Kickin' Katie Nacho Dog!

As June approaches, summer is finally here and there is nothing more we enjoy than devouring a Kickin' Katie Nacho Dog in the summer sunshine!

Kickin' Katie Nacho Dog

We know what you are thinking…yum! The Kickin' Katie Nacho Dog is our second most popular Not Dog after The Original Frank and especially a favourite on hot, sunny days - the cooling guacamole and spicy jalapenos work perfectly together with the added crunch of our crushed nachos!

Kickin' Katie Nacho Dog

You can get a Nacho Dog from Kickin' Katie and the team at our first restaurant location this year, so keep up to date with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for details coming soon!

Kickin' Katie Nacho Dog

Eat. Sleep. Not Dogs

Monday, 16 May 2016

National Vegetarian Week

It's National Vegetarian Week until the 22nd of May and, of course, at Not Dogs we are very excited! This year, it's all about celebrating the stories and traditions behind the food we eat.

National Vegetarian Week

The National Vegetarian Society have created a little feature called 'The Kitchen Table' - a place to share meal ideas and stories that connect us to the food we all love to eat.

We've created our own story which you can enjoy here: http://www.nationalvegetarianweek.org/not-dogs-meaty-dogs-without-the-meat/ 

Meat-free eating isn't necessarily about being a vegetarian or vegan but just about cutting back on meat intake for people, animals and the environment and even a single meat-free meal makes the difference so why not go veggie for National Vegetarian Week and discover all the delicious meat-free food out there!

Check out the hashtag #nvw16 to see what everyone is up to this National Vegetarian Week!

Eat. Sleep. Not Dogs

Thursday, 21 April 2016

We Know it’s Early but…Not Dogs is Excited for World Meat Free Day!

Last June marked the very first World Meat Free Day which asks everyone to make one small step for our planet and go one day without meat in your meals.

This is a day to raise awareness of the benefits of eating less meat for a healthier, balanced diet that’s better for our planet and fairer to our food systems too.

You can take the pledge to swap out meat for one day on the World Meat Free Day website and you will be in great company too, the campaign is supported by lots of amazing people & organisations including Joanna Lumley, Vivienne Westwood, Greenpeace, Quorn, Veggie Face, Meat Free Monday and of course….Not Dogs!

World Meat Free Day takes place on Monday 13th June 2016, so get it in your diaries! Head to www.worldmeatfreeday.com to find out more and stay up to date with all the exciting plans for this year on Twitter too!

Eat. Sleep. Not Dogs

Monday, 4 April 2016

Not Dogs' Easter Fun with Beau the Banana Brioche Dog!

Have you got lots of yummy Easter eggs to use up but are a little tired of simply munching all that delicious chocolate? Well get creative in the kitchen and make the very special 'Beau the Banana Brioche Dog' dessert Not Dog!

Delightfully named after the family labrador, this very simple-to-make Not Dog is sure to impress and satisfy even the sweetest tooth... enjoy!

Beau the Banana Brioche Dog
Fresh banana in a sweet brioche bun topped with cream, melted chocolate and a little sparkle
Serves 4

4 sweet brioche rolls
Squirty whipped cream
4 small bananas
Sprinkles - either for decoration or nuts, cacao, chocolate chips for taste

1. Prepare your Not Dog by cutting each of the rolls down the centre, unpeeling the bananas and putting one in each roll
2. Boil some water in a saucepan and break the chocolate into a glass bowl that will fit on top of the pan. Put the bowl on top of the steaming water and keep stirring (non-stick spatulas work best) until all the chocolate is melted. Leave it to cool slightly
3. Squirt the cream over each Not Dog, covering the whole bananas
4. Carefully pour the chocolate over each Not Dog, making sure to leave a nice pattern
5. Throw over your choice of sprinkles
6. Devour immediately before the cream melts!

Eat. Sleep. Not Dogs