Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Not Dogs Celebrate #BreakfastWeek!

After spending many a morning serving up Not Dogs in fields, beaches and in the city, we decided to develop the Not Dogs breakfast menu which will be available all day at the first Not Dogs restaurant. We thought we'd give a little insight into our three favourites in celebration of Breakfast Week...

Top o' the Mornin' Dog
Quorn Bratwurst topped with a fried egg, Heinz Ketchup and crispy salted potato stix

This Not Dog was our first breakfast creation and went down very nicely at festivals, in fact, it turned into an all day/late night option too! With a nod to Katie's Irish roots in the name, it always brings a smile to people's faces!

Top of the Morning

The Breakfast Muffin
A toasted muffin filled with Quorn breakfast sausage, a crispy potato waffle, cheesy bacon sauce and Heinz Ketchup

This is a recent recipe creation and it's at the top of our cravings list! Using a 'breakfast' style sausage with herbs and spices compliments the tangy cheesy bacon (all-veggie!) sauce that we spent a while developing and, of course, it wouldn't be breakfast without a little ketchup!

Vegetarian Breakfasts

Bali Breakfast Dog
Quorn Bratwurst topped with smashed avocado, scrambled egg, crumbled feta cheese and chilli flakes

Inspired by our travels to Bali last year where we enjoyed an amazing breakfast of scrambled egg, feta, avocado and chilli on top of rye bread - the Not Dog toppings on the Bali Breakfast Dog go perfectly together! Fresh, yet satisfying - a great start to the day!

Not Dogs

Katie & Jane

Eat. Sleep. Not Dogs

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