Thursday, 21 April 2016

We Know it’s Early but…Not Dogs is Excited for World Meat Free Day!

Last June marked the very first World Meat Free Day which asks everyone to make one small step for our planet and go one day without meat in your meals.

This is a day to raise awareness of the benefits of eating less meat for a healthier, balanced diet that’s better for our planet and fairer to our food systems too.

You can take the pledge to swap out meat for one day on the World Meat Free Day website and you will be in great company too, the campaign is supported by lots of amazing people & organisations including Joanna Lumley, Vivienne Westwood, Greenpeace, Quorn, Veggie Face, Meat Free Monday and of course….Not Dogs!

World Meat Free Day takes place on Monday 13th June 2016, so get it in your diaries! Head to to find out more and stay up to date with all the exciting plans for this year on Twitter too!

Eat. Sleep. Not Dogs

Monday, 4 April 2016

Not Dogs' Easter Fun with Beau the Banana Brioche Dog!

Have you got lots of yummy Easter eggs to use up but are a little tired of simply munching all that delicious chocolate? Well get creative in the kitchen and make the very special 'Beau the Banana Brioche Dog' dessert Not Dog!

Delightfully named after the family labrador, this very simple-to-make Not Dog is sure to impress and satisfy even the sweetest tooth... enjoy!

Beau the Banana Brioche Dog
Fresh banana in a sweet brioche bun topped with cream, melted chocolate and a little sparkle
Serves 4

4 sweet brioche rolls
Squirty whipped cream
4 small bananas
Sprinkles - either for decoration or nuts, cacao, chocolate chips for taste

1. Prepare your Not Dog by cutting each of the rolls down the centre, unpeeling the bananas and putting one in each roll
2. Boil some water in a saucepan and break the chocolate into a glass bowl that will fit on top of the pan. Put the bowl on top of the steaming water and keep stirring (non-stick spatulas work best) until all the chocolate is melted. Leave it to cool slightly
3. Squirt the cream over each Not Dog, covering the whole bananas
4. Carefully pour the chocolate over each Not Dog, making sure to leave a nice pattern
5. Throw over your choice of sprinkles
6. Devour immediately before the cream melts!

Eat. Sleep. Not Dogs