Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Not Dogs Summer ‘Sausage Showcase’ - Kickin' Katie Nacho Dog!

As June approaches, summer is finally here and there is nothing more we enjoy than devouring a Kickin' Katie Nacho Dog in the summer sunshine!

Kickin' Katie Nacho Dog

We know what you are thinking…yum! The Kickin' Katie Nacho Dog is our second most popular Not Dog after The Original Frank and especially a favourite on hot, sunny days - the cooling guacamole and spicy jalapenos work perfectly together with the added crunch of our crushed nachos!

Kickin' Katie Nacho Dog

You can get a Nacho Dog from Kickin' Katie and the team at our first restaurant location this year, so keep up to date with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for details coming soon!

Kickin' Katie Nacho Dog

Eat. Sleep. Not Dogs

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