Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Dragons' Den Gets Not Dogged!

Wow, what an overwhelming week we have had at Not Dogs! Dragons Den aired last Sunday and the response we have had has been so positive and encouraging, we almost can’t quite believe it!

We filmed the show back in May and up until a few weeks ago we didn’t know if our little adventure at the BBC would ever see the light of day (we also didn’t know whether that would be a good or bad thing!).

We had the most fantastic experience with the BBC team at Dragons Den, so much goes in to making the show and every single person we met made our day that little bit funnier and calmed our nerves. We also put them under pressure with our insistence on cooking the Not Dogs right before we entered the lift to give the Dragons the total Not Dogs experience!

We prepared Not Dogs for all of the Dragons, with them all enjoying our best-selling The Original Frank and a special gluten-free version for Nick Jones. Once they’d all taken a bite and we saw the smiles across their faces we let out a sigh of relief as the most important thing to us was that they enjoyed our Not Dogs menu.

We can’t thank all our current and new Not Dogs fans enough for all the support you have shown us following our appearance, we have so many messages, tweets and emails to reply to which we are in the process of doing, so bear with us!

We are very proud to have opened our restaurant now at LinkStreet, Bullring in Birmingham and we can’t wait to see what this year will bring!

Thank you to everyone that has helped us to get where we are today.

Eat. Sleep. Not Dogs
Katie & Jane x

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