Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Every Dog has its… BIRTHDAY!!

Saturday 17th June marks the six month birthday of the first Not Dogs restaurant in Birmingham and, not only that but June is a very special month for Katie & Jane too!

Three years ago we travelled all of five minutes down the road in our little purple zig-zagged truck to a local craft fair to launch Not Dogs to the world, or should we say to the lovely few people of Middleton in Tamworth who watched us almost career into a small stream, taking out a few bushes on the way as we parked up for the first time!

We remember that day as though it really was yesterday and here are a few memories that make us smile…

  • We panicked because the lovely purple and orange aprons (that you see our crew members wearing today!) hadn’t arrived in time so we had to wear a black one each from Booker and we just did not feel the part!
  • It took us the best part of three hours to serve our first Not Dog as we got ‘used’ to the new equipment (the trial run on Jane’s drive at home had not gone so well the day before)
  • We thought we could fit everything in the dolls house size under counter fridge before quickly realising that was impossible!
  • The eye-catching orange and purple food wrap we designed had not arrived in time, so we had to use napkins instead… with every dog we watched go out ‘topped perfectly’ we were telling everyone ‘next time you’ll see them in the wrap we created!’
  • We soon realised that we had five festivals ahead of us with no storage and we certainly needed to get faster at cooking the Not Dogs! Every Dog has its… BIRTHDAY!!
Since that day we’ve made more mistakes, learnt a lot from those mistakes, had to let go and relax a little but overall we just kept going!

So here we are today! Six months to the day we opened our first fast-casual restaurant, and in that time we’ve welcomed 12 fantastic crew members on board, topped thousands of Not Dogs, launched our first Burger - The Queen B named in honour of the amazing women in our lives and of course, taken so many Sausage Selfies we are struggling to fit them all on Instagram!

Opening a restaurant for the first time is indescribable - but we could not have got this far without our crew and the support from our friends and family, and most importantly our Not Dogs fans who have supported us from when we were a little food truck to today, visiting us time and time again and telling others to give us a try - thank you so much!

Eat. Sleep. Not Dogs.

Katie & Jane x

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